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If you’re searching for a dental practice in Aurora, IL that can offer affordable expert family and pediatric dental care, you have found the perfect place. Dr. Sumeet Bagai and his team at DuPage Dental Smiles are committed to delivering top-notch dental healthcare in a consistently warm and comforting environment.

Whether you are seeking to preserve your healthy smile and oral health with periodic cleanings and checkups, you need a cosmetic procedure, or you’re looking for a kid’s dentist in Aurora, we’re here to serve you at DuPage Dental Smiles.

Family Dental Care

Whatever your age, from the appearance of your first tooth through your golden years of retirement, it is important to maintain your dental health through periodic checkups and cleanings. Cleanings effectively eliminate plaque and tartar that cannot be removed by your toothbrush alone.

At DuPage Dental Smiles, we believe in the importance of preventive care for your overall well-being, both oral and general. By scheduling a cleaning and examination at least every six months, you can preserve the health of your smile and prevent any potential dental issues from arising.

Following your cleaning, Dr. Bagai will check your saliva, tongue, bite, and jaw movement to identify any oral health issues you may have. Detecting problems early on will contribute to maintaining the health of your smile and potentially save you from future costly treatments.

If despite your best efforts you develop dental problems, we provide a wide range of restorative procedures including filings, dental bridges and crowns, dental implants, dentures, and root canal therapy.

The Importance of Early Dental Care

Maintaining healthy smiles and oral health through regular dental visits begins earlier than you might realize. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their initial dental appointment by the age of one or within six months of the appearance of their first baby teeth.

Early childhood checkups help prevent cavities and tooth decay, which can lead to pain, trouble concentrating, and other medical issues. Youngsters with healthy teeth chew food easily, learn to speak clearly, and smile with confidence.

Beyond regular cleanings and checkups, we understand the importance of specialized dental care for children in a child-friendly atmosphere. That is why our pediatric dental services go beyond routine check-ups. At DuPage Dental Smiles, we’re committed to educating our young patients on preventive dental care, including proper brushing and flossing methods. We also offer fluoride treatments to enhance tooth strength and dental sealants to protect against cavities.

Finally, at DuPage Dental Smiles, your children’s dentist in Aurora, we realize that dental visits can sometimes be stressful for patients of any age. Knowing that, Dr. Bagai can use various types of sedation if needed to provide the highest level of comfort during dental treatment, no matter your age.

Your Family & Pediatric Dentist in Aurora

DuPage Dental Smiles – Your Aurora Family Dentist

Ensuring the dental health of your family requires consistent effort over time, and it’s essential to have a trustworthy and knowledgeable guide and a dedicated team that prioritizes your well-being and offers a comforting and familiar environment. Whatever your age and whatever your dental needs, at DuPage Dental Smiles, under the leadership of Dr. Bagai and our welcoming staff, that is exactly what you will find.

New patients are always welcome to become members of the DuPage Dental Smiles family, and we urge you to take the first step and make us your dental home in Aurora.

We invite you to call us today at 630-393-2733 to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Bagai and our dental team, and let’s start making, bright, healthy smiles together!

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