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Dental Inlays & Onlays

If your tooth is not damaged enough to require a crown but is too damaged to support a filling, Dr. Sumeet Bagai might recommend that a dental inlay is the correct option for you. Dental inlays are discreet restorations that match the appearance of your natural teeth and cover the chewing surface of the tooth between the cusps.

Dental onlays are similar to inlays except that onlays cover the chewing surface of the tooth as well as one or more cusps of the tooth. Onlays, sometimes called partial crowns, can be a better option than crowns because they require less of the natural tooth to be removed.

Inlays and onlays can also be used by our dentist to repair and restore fillings and crowns. Inlays and onlays are more durable than fillings and a more cost-effective option than crowns. Inlays and onlays may be completed in just a few short visits to Dupage Dental Smiles. Caring for your inlays and onlays involves no extra care than normal brushing and flossing techniques.

If you would like more information about dental inlays and onlays in Warrenville, Illinois, or if you have questions about how inlays and onlays might benefit you, we encourage you to call 630-393-2733 or visit our office today to schedule a visit with our caring dentist.



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