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Carestream CS 8200 3D Neo Edition

Through the use of today’s latest dental technology, Dr. Bagai and his associates at DuPage Dental Smiles are constantly seeking new and better ways to serve their patients. Consequently, we are also proud to announce that our practice is now using one of the latest advances in laser dental technology, the CS 8200 3D Neo Edition, produced by Carestream Dental, a leader in dental technology and software.

The images depicts the logo for Carestream Dental and an image of the CS 8200 3D Neo Edition Dental Scanner.

Precise, Accurate Imagery

Having precise, accurate diagnostic images is essential in the practice of modern dentistry, and that is what the CS 8200 3D Neo Edition provides dentists and their patients.

With just a few simple clicks, the dentist can choose the parameters of the images to be collected by this state-of-the-art piece of dental laser technology.

According to the manufacturer, the main features and types of images collected by this system include 2D panoramic imaging, CBCT imaging of a 3D object, scanning images in a high resolution, and uploading them quickly using a 2D and 3D image software that’s easy to review

Once these images are created using the CS 8200 3D Neo Edition, the system utilizes smart workflow technology to make an electronic record of all the patient’s images for future reference. This feature is especially useful in examining before and after images in evaluating the outcome of a dental procedure.

Accessibility to this feature also guarantees that Dr. Bagai can maintain an individualized and highly accurate record of each patient’s treatment. Through this streamlined record-keeping process, Dr. Bagai would also be able to provide his patients with a better understanding of how their treatment is progressing.

All images taken with the CS 8200 3D Neo Edition are stored within the system, providing a complete, watertight record of all images used during the patient’s treatment journey.

Patient Safety and Artifact Reduction

Another great feature of the CS 8200 3D Neo Edition is that it has been designed to provide outstanding images with lower patient dosage exposure, helping to ensure safer treatment.

Finally, another key component of the CS 8200 3D Neo Edition is the integration into the system of the CS MAR, Carestream Dental’s innovative metal artifact reduction module. This feature reduces any image defects that may be caused by metallic restorations, such as fillings or crowns, defects that might lead to misdiagnosis or the need for additional images.

In sum, for ease and safety of use, and for the very highest quality dental diagnostic imagery, there is no better technology available today than the CS 8200 3D Neo Edition now in use at DuPage Dental Smiles.

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