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Emergency Dental Care

Our caring dentist and dental team at Dupage Dental Smiles understand that you cannot always plan when you will need professional dental care. We provide quality emergency dental care in Warrenville, Illinois, to ensure that your smile always receives the attention it needs. If you or a family member experiences a dental emergency, we urge you to contact our dental office as soon as possible.


Our Staff

Our knowledgeable team members will schedule your visit with Dr. Sumeet Bagai and provide you with instructions on how to care for your smile until you can come to our office for your appointment. We strive to accommodate dental emergency cases as soon as possible to restore your smile to optimal function and health.


When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Sometimes, on rare occasions, you may need to contact us immediately regarding oral pain, but other times, you can make an appointment and take some ibuprofen to alleviate some pain you’re feeling. You may need emergency dental care if you suffer from a dental emergency, such as:

  • A partially (extruded) or fully (avulsed) knocked-out tooth: This could be the result of a sports injury or tooth decay, but sometimes the tooth is salvageable and we can reattach it.
  • A severe, persistent toothache or tooth pain
  • Injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth, including the gums, lips, cheeks and tongue
  • A chipped or broken tooth: Did you know that a chipped tooth is the most common dental emergency? Most of the time, this happens by accident and it can be easily fixed with a bond, crown, or veneer. A broken tooth is more severe than a crack, causing more pain and discomfort.
  • Items lodged between teeth that do not come loose with gentle flossing


Visit Us Instead Of The ER

Emergency room physicians are skilled and trained when it comes to treating health emergencies, but we are the most experienced in dental care. We can help restore a damaged tooth and find out the cause of the pain to better treat it. Even if you choose to go to the emergency room, they will likely recommend that you visit your dentist after your visit. 


Contact Us Today

We welcome you to contact us today at 630-393-2733 to learn more about emergency care and how to better care for your smile. We provide personalized care that will meet and exceed all the goals you have for your smile, and more when it comes to emergency services. We are eager to care for you and your family!

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