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Sedation Dentistry

At Dupage Dental Smiles, we are pleased to offer sedation dentistry in order to give you the highest level of comfort and relaxation during treatment. It is not uncommon for patients to have anxiety about visiting the dentist, but our friendly dental team will work closely with you to provide personal care that caters to your individual needs. There are a variety of sedation dentistry techniques that Dr. Sumeet Bagai is trained in. Sedation dentistry allows patients to overcome many causes of dental anxiety, such as fear of pain, strong gag reflexes, sounds and tastes of the dental tools, and negative past dental experiences.

There are many benefits to sedation dentistry. Using sedation techniques minimizes any possible resistance to treatment and allows our gentle dentist to complete procedures more easily. The sedative will also negate your gag reflex, which can allow for a more pleasant patient experience. Another excellent advantage of sedation dentistry is that it allows for multiple treatments to be completed at once, resulting in fewer visits to the dentist. Depending on the level of your sedation, you may not even remember the procedure at all when you wake up.

There are three main types of sedatives that Dr. Sumeet Bagai uses:

  • Nitrous oxide gas, which will produce a euphoric feeling and is used for many common treatments and to moderate anxiety.
  • Oral sedatives, which are pills that you take before you arrive for your appointment. You will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.
  • IV sedation, which is the most controlled method. Your level of sedation can be controlled throughout your operation.

All of our sedation techniques provided by our trained dentist and anesthesiologist are safe and comfortable. Dr. Sumeet Bagai is IV certified, meaning [heshe] has received extensive specialty training and is certified by the state to provide IV sedation.

If you would like more information about sedation dentistry in Warrenville, Illinois, or if you would like to learn whether you are a good candidate, we invite you to call 630-393-2733 or visit our office today. It is our goal to ensure the optimum comfort and relaxation of all our patients.

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