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The Planmeca Emerald® S and Intraoral Imaging and Scanning

Today’s digital technologies are of great assistance to dentists in their efforts to ensure that their patients receive the very best treatment with the least amount of personal discomfort. In an effort to accomplish all this, in addition to the use of the Picasso+ for laser dentistry, Dr. Bagai also uses the Planmeca Emerald® S for intraoral imaging and scanning.

If you’re not familiar with it, you may well ask, just what is intraoral imaging and scanning? In answer to this question, an intraoral scanner like the Planmeca Emerald® S is a device used in dentistry to create digital impressions of the teeth and gums.

The scanner projects a light source into the area that is to be scanned. As it does this, thousands of images are captured by the scanner’s imaging sensors and then processed by scanning software. In the end, the scanner produces an accurate 3D model showing the geometry of the teeth and gums.

Planmeca Emerald S Technology

The Planmeca Emerald® S has been improved with exciting new features that enable it to meet the most demanding diagnostic needs. Among other things, it scans twice as fast as its predecessors, making capturing digital impressions easier than ever before.

Advantages of Intraoral Imaging and Scanning

In a number of ways, intraoral imaging and scanning benefits both dentists and their patients.

  • Perhaps first and foremost, the scanner is patient friendly, and there is much less patient discomfort. In the past, dental impressions have been made using trays and unpleasant tasting impression materials, often causing patients to have a gag reflex. Intraoral imaging and scanning eliminate the need for trays and that unpleasant tasting material. In other words, no more gag reflex!
  • Improved patient-dentist communication. Together, the patient and their dentist can view the on-screen digital scans and agree on a treatment plan moving forward.
  • For the dentist the use of intraoral imaging and scanning is far more efficient and less time consuming than the use of traditional cast molds of the teeth and gums. If the clinician is not satisfied with the result of the scan, they can simply delete it and make another without having to bring the patient back to the office for a second appointment.
  • Finally, in the case of complex dental problems and procedures, the use of scans makes it much easier for the dentist to reach out to colleagues and outside specialists, if needed.

The Latest Digital Dentistry in Warrenville, IL

We urge you to take advantage of the advanced dental technology used by Dr. Bagai at DuPage Dental Smiles. At your initial visit, Dr. Bagai will perform a thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums using the technology at his disposal and explain the procedures needed to address your dental issues and provide you with the very best dental care.

We urge you not to delay taking care of your oral health. We offer basic dental treatment as well as a variety of cosmetic procedures. Contact DuPage Dental Smiles today to schedule your initial consultation.

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