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2 South 631 Rt. 59, Suite D
Warrenville, IL 60555

Even if your teeth seem to be healthy, Dr. Sumeet Bagai may be able to identify dental health issues in their early stages before they develop into larger problems. During your exam, our gentle dentist will carefully inspect your teeth, fillings, gums, restorations and any appliances you may have. Our dentist will also check your saliva, tongue, bite and jaw movement as part of a thorough examination to detect any signs of health problems. Early detection of any health problems will help keep your smile healthy and can save you the need for expensive treatments in the future.

Regular professional teeth cleanings are important to maintain the health of your teeth because they remove plaque and tartar that is impossible for your toothbrush to remove on its own. At Dupage Dental Smiles, we believe that preventive care is important for your health. Coming in for an exam at least every six months will help to maintain the health of your smile and stop any dental problems before they start. We also suggest you come in for a teeth cleaning in Warrenville, Illinois, if you have any important occasions such as:

  • Senior or family portraits
  • Modeling photo shoots
  • Weddings
  • Interviews

A bright and beautiful smile is the single most important feature for making a good first impression. It is our goal to give you an attractive, healthy smile that will boost your confidence and appearance. We welcome you to call 630-393-2733 or visit our office for more information about exams and teeth cleaning and to schedule an appointment.