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At DuPage Dental Smiles, we’re dedicated to providing our patients with healthy, radiant smiles, and for Dr. Sumeet Bagai and his assistants that dedication applies to all, including our youngest patients. 

We’re fully aware that going to the dentist is not necessarily one of your child’s favorite things to do. Realizing that, when you need a children’s dentist in Wheaton and bring your child to us, we’ll do everything we can to ease their uncertainties and make their visit to DuPage Dental Smiles as pleasant as it can possibly be. 

Putting Young Minds at Ease at DuPage Dental Smiles

Dr. Bagai has extensive experience providing dental care for our youngest patients, and before beginning any procedure, he will carefully explain to your child exactly what we’re going to do and show them the instruments he’ll be using.

Dr. Bagai will always take the time to do this because he believes taking this step is an essential part of pediatric dental care. In his many years of taking care of children’s dental needs, Dr. Bagai has found that when children understand what’s happening, they feel much less anxiety and fear. At DuPage Dental Smiles we will always put your child’s interest first, doing everything we possibly can to ease any lingering anxiety they may still have. 

Beginning Dental Care at An Early Age

To prevent childhood dental problems and establish a foundation for their lifelong oral health, we strongly suggest that you schedule your child’s first appointment shortly after their first teeth appear and no later than their first birthday.

During this first visit, Dr. Bagai will provide information on basic dental care for your child and perform a thorough examination of their teeth and gums to make sure there are no already existing problems. After that initial visit, just as with teens and adults, we recommend a cleaning and examination every six months.

While it’s true that most of your child’s baby teeth will be lost by age 12, because of their importance in your child’s early development, it’s essential to take good care of them to promote their future dental health. 

Orthodontic Care with Invisalign®

Beyond early childhood dental care, if your adolescent or teen child is affected by crowded or crooked teeth, at DuPage Dental Smiles we can provide them with a beautiful smile without the necessity of wearing unsightly metal braces.

With the modern dental technology of Invisalign®, Dr. Bagai can correct underbites, overbites, close gaps, and straighten teeth, with the use of clear Invisalign® trays that are virtually invisible. And we all know how crucial appearance is during those all-important adolescent and teen years!

Attractive little girl shows index fingers myofunctional trainer. Help equalize the growing teeth and correct bite, develop mouth breathing habit. Corrects the position of the tongue

DuPage Dental Smiles for Pediatric Dental Services in Wheaton

At DuPage Dental Smiles, pediatric dentistry is one of our passions. Dr. Bagai is fervently dedicated to promoting the dental health of the children in his care, using today’s most advanced pediatric procedures. In fact, many of the children he treated during the early years of his practice are now bringing their own children to our clinic for Dr. Bagai’s care.

Our dental office provides a warm, caring, and child-friendly environment to ease any of your child’s fears or anxieties about visiting the dentist. We even provide sedation dentistry services if needed to help your child feel comfortable during their treatment.

Please don’t neglect the proper care of your child’s dental health. If you have not yet found a pediatric dentist for your child, we urge you to contact our dental practice to schedule your child’s initial appointment so that you all can become part of the DuPage Dental Smiles family.

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