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Teen Confidence and Cosmetic Dentistry Near Wheaton

As children, humans pay little attention to what they themselves look like. While a child inherently recognizes beauty in others, they seldom apply these standards of appearance to themselves. However, as children continue to interact with others, they soon learn that the world perceives beauty in specific ways.

Small children take notice when their parents or siblings comment on another’s appearance, notating both positive and negative commentary. By the time a child reaches the pre-teen years, most will fully understand society’s perception of beauty and consciously attempt to conform.

Unfortunately, as children enter the teen years, when they become particularly self-conscious as their bodies are changing rapidly, they are bombarded with even more images of photoshopped perfection across all forms of media.

The Importance of a Beautiful Smile

When it comes to music videos, catalogs, movies, and magazines, even those featured with other imperfections boast a dazzling white smile. When someone does have noticeably imperfect teeth, 99 times out of 100, that person is not the hero of the story. A beautiful smile is indicative of self-confidence and openness.

Dentistry in Warrenville

If a teen has a less-than-perfect smile, despite meticulous dental care, they are apt to become self-conscious about it and stop smiling as often. This can lead to others being hesitant to approach them, as most people perceive a smile as a sign of friendliness.

This may begin a vicious cycle, leading to an unhappy teen with less friends – and what adults often perceive as an unacceptable attitude that “needs to change.” This, in turn, leads to more unhappiness and aggression – but the truth is, the teen is simply unhappy with themselves.

Teenagers thrive when they have a positive self-image, and without it, they tend to become even more self-conscious and introverted. If you have ever paid attention to a teenager who has perfectly straight teeth and a glistening white smile, you may have also noticed that they seem to smile all of the time. This doesn’t mean they are nicer or better, it just indicates they have more confidence in themselves.

Teens with confidence and higher self-esteem tend to have more friends and are usually treated better by their parents, teachers, and other adults. This in turn, leads to becoming more successful, and while this is not fair, it is unfortunately the reality of how the world works.

Helping Your Teenager Build Their Confidence and Self-Esteem

If you begin to notice that your teenager seems to be lacking self confidence or is just not smiling very often, it might be a good time to discuss how they are feeling. If they are concerned about how their smile looks, the good news is that this can easily be remedied.

Dentistry in Warrenville

Book a Consultation with Our Cosmetic Dentist Near Wheaton, IL

If your son or daughter has crooked, discolored, or unsightly gaps between teeth, our expert team at Dupage Dental Smiles is here to help. We offer state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry options for every situation.

We may recommend something as simple as a professional whitening treatment, or something a bit more extensive, like porcelain veneers in Wheaton. No matter what your teen needs to achieve the smile of their dreams, we can make it a reality – and often improve their oral health while we’re at it.

While you surely want the best for your teenager, you may be concerned about the cost. That is why we offer third party financing options as well as our exclusive discount treatment plan. In some cases, the investment in your child’s smile may be a lot less than you expect – and think of the impact you could have on their self-image as well as helping to set them up for future success. Why wait? Call to schedule an appointment today!

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